LIFAair LA502 Air Purifier

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  • Beautiful and Intelligent. LA502 Air Purifier Removes Harmful Substances and Particles with Style.

    Ideal for medium sized spaces such as living areas (< 581 sq ft). Innovative design brings the smart air purification in to a new level. Continuous monitoring and automated cleaning operations guarantee high level protection exquisitely.

    Efficient and Economical Solution

    Combination of 4,6m² HEPA-filters and 3,5 kg of impregnated activate carbon offer immense purification capacity. The remaining filter life is calculated according to amount of filtered contaminants.

    Smart Monitor System

    Independent Indoor Air Quality monitor controls the air purifier according to current levels of Carbon Dioxide, Particular Matter and TVOC's or HCHO. The readings can be seen from the monitor or mobile phone.

  • LIFAair LA502 Specification
    Parameter Unit Amount/Type
    Particle CADR m³ / h 450
    HCHO CADR m³ / h 137
    Noise Level dPa 34 - 63
    Battery Capacity, Monitor Unit mAh 2600
    Recommended Floor Area 31 - 54
    Power Consumption W 1-60
    PM2.5 Purification Efficiency % > 99.99 (30min)
    HCHO Purification Efficiency % 91.33 (30min) 98.75 (3h)
    Bacteria Removal Efficiency % 99.99
    Weight kg 14.65
    Dimensions mm Diam. 300 X 800
    PM2.5 µg / m³ Laser
    CO2 ppm Dual Thermopile
    HCHO mg / m³ Electrochemical
    Temp. / Hum. °C / % Semiconductor / Thermal Resistance

Type: Air Purifier

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