My hair already feels softer after 1 wash! I also noticed a difference on my skin too, the shower water feels much smoother and softer!
Caroline, Mid-Levels on WaterChef shower filter

Thank you for helping me set it all up. I wish I had done this sooner. I feel much better that we are no longer using plastic water bottles. Much better for us and the environment knowing that we are able to drink clean water with our new water system. Thank you so much!
Ashlee, Shouson Hills on WaterChef Drinking Countertop filter

We just tried the water. Amazing! Thank you!
Eulalia, Chung Hom Kok on WaterChef premium under counter filter

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the seamless installation of our whole house water filter. You took the time to answer all of my questions and nothing was too much trouble and you installed everything so well that our neighbours also bought one! Thanks for arranging the custom cover as well. The kids are now happily drinking the bathwater!
- Sarah Weerappah‎

Just want to share the experience. I been a bottle water consumer for years and never thought about filter till my recent move. And only for less a week I can see the difference on my skin and hair with my shower filter. And my kids love the filter water more than ever!
- Sharon Wang
Thanks once again for all your trouble. We love the water filter and I can't believe we didn't get one sooner.
- Gasha Vorster
We love our shower filters !! They work so much better than the ones we’d previously purchased and do a really good job handling our water pressure.
- Kim Pesta
Just wanted to let you know that after using the shower filters for a little while, my baby's eczema has completely disappeared and I no longer need to use cream for him every day. I'm sure it's because of the filters. Also my hair feels so much better as well, it's nice and soft whereas before it always felt course and frizzy after washing. Many thanks again!
- Catherine Schelander
Seriously very different. Second day and we are amazed! My hair is a lot softer and my skin even. Should have asked you earlier... Love the shower filter!!! Thank you!!
- Mayuko Nakano
I installed my own with no problems and Ivy knows when to contact me re new filter, so I have literally NOTHING to do! Win!!
- Niamh Armitage
Ordered my water filters over the weekend and already got them installed today!! Very efficient and top customer service Ivy Leung. Highly recommended!
- Fiona Tam
They are excellent with after sales help. Filters are also very easy to change.
- Gasha Vorster
We love love love our water filters. It is sold directly (not an Multi Level Marketing thing). It is easy and affordable to change the filters yourself. Excellent customer service. Has all the independent certificates, etc...
- Jacqueline Renee Cohen