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"I recently purchased the WaterChef C7000 Premium Countertop Water Filtration System and the WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filtration System. I was very pleased with the customer service. Ivy is very professional and was able at all times to address any questions or concerns I had. So far both filters are working very well. I can feel the difference already after a shower. My eyes do not get red and burn as before and my skin feels softer. Thank you, Ivy!"

- Al C. -

"Was tired of boiling water and using messy manual water filters attached to water jugs. We opted to have it installed by Waterlinks and the whole thing took 30 mins. We now have as much drinkable water as we need, with just a faucet showing and filters neatly hidden below sink. Wish we had bought one years ago."

- Laurence B. -

"After moving here from the states, I found that the water in HK really affected my hair and skin condition. A lot of my hair would fall out after showering. After installing the shower filter, my hair already feels softer after one wash! I also noticed the water being softer and my skin feels smoother too!"

- Caroline -

Clean Air, Pure Water for Whole Health

Waterlinks is proud to be a top provider of WaterChef, AquaTru, Aquasana, LARQ, LifaAir, Air Revival, GRAYL and Soapnut Republic. We provide access to high quality water filtration, air purification, and natural cleaning products and after sales service.

We are passionate about clean water and air, living a healthy lifestyle, and promoting a better environment for this generation and the next.

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