Oxira Sentry Air Neutraliser

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  • Designed to kill airborne viruses and bacteria instantly.

    Made in Australia OXIRA SENTRY air neutraliser utilises 254nm UVC to effectively kill germs in the air. This mimics the germicidal effects of sunshine.

    Includes a special reflector coating around the UVC lamp to amplify UV intensity.

    Designed for places of high public presence and where general noise level is high.

    Suitable for: Indoor public areas with high public presence and where general noise level is high e.g. restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, or any indoor areas where noise level is not a concern.

    Trusted Brands in Hong Kong and Macau

  • Area Coverage

    Each unit can cover up to approximately

    • 650 square feet for general healthcare facilities, office premises and homes;
    • 390 sqft for general public indoor areas, restaurants and catering premises.

    Generally, any area larger than this may require more than one unit. Some factors to consider are:

    • how many people are in the room
    • the characteristics of the ambient air
    • whether air circulation in the room is good
    • whether there are fresh air coming into the room
    • how many people enter and leave the room from time to time
  • Product Info

    Wavelength of UV 254nm
    UV Intensity @ 1m 36uW/cm2
    Lamp Lifespan 15,000 hours
    UV Reflector Coating YES
    Control System OXIRA XDrive6
    Motor Technology MagLev
    UV Arc Length 132mm
    UV Power 2.7W
    Unit Power 12Vdc@18W max
    Fan Noise Level 27 dBa
    Unit Dimensions 360mm (L)x46mm(W)x41(H)
    Unit Weight 0.6kg
    Warranty 1 year
    Recommended UV tube replacement: 12 months (or 10,000 hours)

Type: Air Purifier

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