September 20, 2019

You might think a shower filter is just an extra thing you don’t need. If you’re not ingesting the water, what’s the big deal? Can the water you shower in really be damaging to your body and health? You’d be surprised! Sit back and listen to these five unexpected reasons you can’t put off getting a shower filter anymore.

1. The Chlorine in Your Water Can Cause Your Child To Develop Asthma

In 2002 there was a study done in Belgium that measured the impact chlorine had on school children. They studied children who regularly breathed in chlorine at an indoor swimming pool and found that the chlorine damaged the tissue surrounding their lungs and led to an increased risk of them developing asthma. The unfortunate truth is that our shower water is also filled with chlorine and without a shower filter, every time a member of your family takes a shower they are breathing it in. Only a good shower filter can eliminate that chlorine from your water and make your shower a place where you can breathe easy.

2. There is Bacteria In Your Non-Filtered Shower Head

Recent studies have found that most common shower heads have quite a bit of bacteria buildup in them and some of these bacteria can be very harmful, causing things such as lung infections. A shower filter is the surest way of knowing that the water you wash in is free from bacteria and microorganisms.

3. Showering in Unfiltered Water Could Be Dangerous If You Are Pregnant

Let’s talk about chlorine again because this is a big reason why you should be using a shower filter. There are many reasons breathing in chlorine and having chlorinated water on your skin is bad for you, but it’s especially bad if you’re pregnant. Recent studies have found that exposure to chlorine while pregnant could cause a number of pregnancy complications and birth defects. Why even risk it?

4. Unfiltered Shower Water Could Be Making You Age Faster

The chlorine in unfiltered shower water can not only dry out your skin, making it more susceptible to premature aging, but it can also damage your skin cells and cause early wrinkles. Your end of the day shower that feels so refreshing and rejuvenating could actually be adding years to your skin! If you would like to know more about how it could benefit your skin and hair to use a shower filter, check out our blog post Shower Filters For Healthier Skin & Hair.

5. The Air In Your Home Can Be Contaminated By Unfiltered Shower Water

Chlorine, though one of the most harmful chemicals in your water, is not the only chemical in your water. Some other chemicals that are often in shower water are chloramine and types of trihalomethanes (which we talk more about in our blog post Why Filter Your Shower?). In 2017, a study by the EPA found measurable traces of contaminants in indoor air from bath and shower water. So while you’re enjoying that steamy hot shower those chemicals are vaporizing into the air of your home because of the heat. Scary Stuff!

These are just a few of the reasons Shower Filters are so important for your health and wellness! If you don’t own a shower filter and one of these five reasons made you want to look into making a change for you and your family, check out our selection of shower filters here!