August 29, 2020

You might think that infused water is a Summer treat a refreshing way to quench your thirst on a long hot day. However, our body still needs a healthy intake of water when the weather begins to cool down and what better way to motivate ourselves than by making some delicious infused water?  We’ve compiled a list of some yummy infused water recipes with amazing health benefits and all the fall feels!   

Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, & Orange   

Hello Glow offers this fantastically fall infused water recipe. We love it for a few reasons! Vanilla has all sorts of health benefits, but a couple that we think are especially interesting are its ability to help lower anxiety and to reduce acne. Cinnamon has some cool perks too like helping to prevent cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Also, you may know that oranges are high in vitamin C, but did you know that they are excellent for the health of your skin and can lower your cholesterol? 

Chamomile, Mint, & Cardamom 

You can’t get a much cozier infused water recipe than this one from She Who Eats. To make this marvelous drink, they recommend using dried chamomile flowers and crushed cardamom pods along with fresh mint leaves. Between the calming chamomile and the soothing mint, this is an excellent end of the day drink to help you wind down and relax on a beautiful fall evening! 

Persimmon, Galangal, & Orange

We personally love this unique and mouth watering recipe from Everyday Maven. You may be reaping health benefits from oranges on occasion, but how often are you working persimmon and galangal into your diet? Probably not often enough. Persimmons have a ton of nutrients and antioxidants, plus they help keep your heart healthy, while galangal fights against infection and reduces inflammation and pain. 

Apple, Plum, Pear, & Cinnamon 

This super tasty recipe from Self Proclaimed Foodie is loaded with good things for your body! It can promote gut health, reduce weight gain, and lower blood sugar levels! Besides, is there anything better to get you in that autumn mood than the classic pairing of cinnamon and apple? 

Blood Orange & Thyme 

Mom Foodie came up with this yummy and visually stunning recipe! Blood oranges are best after the month of august and it turns out they have nine times the amount of antioxidants of regular oranges! Meanwhile, thyme can boost your immunity and alleviate coughs!