December 02, 2020

Purchase Eco-Friendly Gifts 

When you’re Christmas shopping, not only would we recommend you to buy from companies that encourage sustainability, but why not purchase gifts that encourage sustainability in their use? Things such as reusable water bottles, toys made from recycled material, or sustainable fashion can make great Christmas gifts that also encourage others to live sustainably!  

Use Eco-Friendly Wrapping Materials 

Every holiday season, households create quite a bit of waste by throwing out wrapping paper, bags, and bows. To help prevent this, first, we recommend that you carefully research the wrapping material you receive gifts in to find out what is recyclable so that you can dispose of it correctly. 

Second, we suggest sustainably wrapping the gifts you are giving to people. There is more than one way to do this. You can purchase recyclable wrapping paper, use cloth wrapping, or reuse wrapping material from gifts you have already been given. All of these are good sustainable options! 

Avoid Disposables During the Busyness of The Holiday Season 

It can be tempting in the bustle of the holiday season to use more disposables for the sake of convenience. However, a little planning ahead could help prevent this eco disaster. For instance, planning and packing meals on the go in your own plastic containers or making sure you carry a reusable water bottle filled with your delicious home filtered water can make all of the difference!  

Send Your Holiday Greetings Digitally 

This one is pretty straight forward. Instead of sending that yearly Christmas card or New Year’s family news letter to all of your friends and family, how about choosing the more eco-friendly option of sending an e-card or news email? There are still plenty of beautiful online designs to choose from and now you’re saving a few trees in the process! 

Avoid Food Waste 

When shopping for your holiday meals we encourage you to be conscious of the amount of food you and your family will actually eat and also of how it’s packaged. Choose to buy the food in less packaging or more recyclable packaging. Also, it is never too early to start researching holiday leftover recipes so that any food you don’t initially eat can be put to good use instead of being discarded!