August 10, 2020

Who doesn’t enjoy that lovely summer glow? We sure do! Unfortunately, there are many things that we expose our skin to in the summertime that can be damaging. So here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and gorgeous while still living your best summer life! 

Use A Physical Sunscreen Instead of a Chemical One  

It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage, but some sunscreens can actually be hard on your skin. A chemical sunscreen is absorbed into your skin while a physical sunscreen sits on top of it. Chemical sunscreens can clog your pores and cause acne when absorbed. They can also irritate your skin because of the amount of ingredients in them. According to recent studies, ingredients in chemical sunscreens can last in your body for days after application. To keep your skin extra healthy this summer, try using a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical one.   

Stay Hydrated  

While hydration is vital to the health of your skin year round, it is especially important during summer. There are several things that dry out our skin in the summer such as heat, sunburn, chlorine, and air conditioning. Dry skin can lead to early wrinkles and eczema, so it’s really something you want to avoid! We recommend that you increase your water intake in the summer months to help combat this. If you find yourself drinking less hydrating drinks because of your water’s quality or taste, why not try investing in a water filter

Stick To a Skincare Routine   

During the summer months companies will sometimes advertise switching up your skin care routine for either extra skin hydration or protection from the sun. As appealing as this sounds, it can actually take about a month for your skin to adjust to new ingredients. This can be a problem if you deal with acne or skin irritation. If you are using products that work for your skin, stick to those and instead try moisturizing more frequently and using a physical sunscreen when you’re going to be exposed to the sun. 

Use a Shower Filter   

If you’re showering without using a shower filter, you’re exposing your skin to chlorine, bacteria, and chloramines. These things can dry out your skin, damage your skin cells, and clog your pores. In the summer, we tend to shower more because of the heat and increased activity— so if there was ever a time to look into getting a shower filter, it’s now. 

Wash Your Face With Filtered Water 

This is something we tend to forget. Many of us wash our faces not only in the shower, but often in the sink too. If you are using unfiltered water to wash your face, you are exposing your skin to harsh contaminants that can cause things like premature wrinkles and acne. So make sure to use filtered water for this as well!