October 16, 2019

A lot of people only filter the water that they drink. But guess what? There are plenty of other uses for filtered water in everyday life! Here are 6 things you should definitely be using filtered water for!


1. Cooking

It seems a little silly that we filter the water we drink and yet still use unfiltered water in food we cook. The truth is that most people haven’t thought about the fact they are consuming all of the same chemicals and contaminants in their food that they are filtering out of their water. On top of that, using filtered water can enhance the flavor of your food because chlorine and other contaminants in unfiltered water can actually make your food taste more bland.

2. Your Pet

A lot of toxins and chemicals found in unfiltered water are not just bad for us— they are also bad for our pets! You may not notice your pet having an immediate bad reaction to unfiltered water (although sometimes things like that can go unnoticed). However, there are long term health issues that you should be concerned about, especially from the heavy metals found in unfiltered tap water. Take care of your pets the best you can by always giving them filtered water to drink!

3. Baby Formula

This is a big one. We are constantly trying to protect our little one in so many ways, so why would we use unfiltered tap water (with all of its contaminants and chemicals) when preparing baby formula? Yet many people do it mindlessly. If you wouldn’t drink it, then your baby definitely shouldn’t be drinking it either! Filtered water is the best choice for your whole family! 

4. Your Plants

Even our plants love filtered water! Chemicals such as chlorine are really hard on house plants. If you’ve been struggling to keep your house plants alive and are starting to wonder if you have a green thumb or not, it may just be the water you are giving them!

5. Coffee and Tea

If you tell a coffee expert that your coffee just isn’t turning out, one of the first questions they will ask you is if you filtered your water. Coffee shops know that this can make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee and tea! So if your at home beverages just aren’t turning out how they do at your favourite shop, try using filtered water to make them!

6. Showering and Bathing

Our bodies absorb many chemicals through the skin. It’s easy to tell ourselves that if we are not swallowing the water, it’s not harmful to our bodies, but this simply isn’t true. It can negatively affect our skin, hair, and overall health when we shower or bathe in unfiltered water. For a more in depth look at why you should be using a shower filter check out our previous blog, Why Filter Your Shower. 

7. Baking

You might wonder what the difference is between using filtered water in baking and using filtered water in cooking is. While yes, it’s true that using filtered water can enhance the flavor of both, there is a whole other reason you should absolutely be using filtered water for your baking! Some of the harsher minerals, that a water filter can remove from your water, negatively affect the process of the yeast in your baking. For softer, yummier baked goods, you should switch to using filtered water for all of your baking needs!