March 19, 2018

We at Waterlinks are strong believers in working to keep our planet healthy. And the most obvious place for us to start is with water.

Drinking healthy, filtered water doesn’t have to be wasteful, but many of the solutions out there are. And we want to educate you on how to tell the difference.

We want to issue a Water Challenge to all of Hong Kong starting right now:


Disposable plastic water bottles that you pick up at Watsons, 7-11 or even the big jugs that are delivered to your home are convenient, but their detriment to our environment far outweighs any slight benefit.

Why are disposable water bottles bad for the environment? 


We’ve all seen the footage of our oceans plagued with plastic bottles and bags. It’s no surprise that plastic waste still goes unrecycled and ends up in our water systems. Even the plastic that is recycled still makes an unnecessary impact on our environment in the process of recycling. The best solution would be to not use plastic at all!

Recent studies have also shown that 90% of bottled water contains plastic particles in it. This means that the water you and drinking from a plastic bottle, or even glass bottles with plastic caps, could be seeping plastic into your body. Another great reason to stay away from plastic.


It takes trucks to bring locally distilled bottled water to your store or your home. And imported bottled water requires boats or planes to transport. The carbon footprint of a single bottle or jug of water to get to your hands is ridiculous considering you could be drinking safe, filtered water from your tap if you have the right water filter (more on this below). 

Water Wastage

Almost all bottled water, including the brands you find at your local 7-11, Watsons, etc., come from a tap that sources from the local water system. They simply distill it and then re-add synthetic minerals into the water to label it “Mineral Water.” This process creates an enormous amount of water wastage, not to mention the extra energy required to fuel the process. 

A better water result can be achieved with a simple WaterChef or Aquasana water filter hooked up to your home tap.

What Can YOU Do?

We all want to drink safe, healthy water. And we can, without detriment to our planet.

The Carbon Block Filtration water filters we offer via WaterChef & Aquasana can give you great drinking water that contains beneficial minerals but effectively removes contaminants. All while protecting the environment.

With our filter systems, is no water wastage nor plastic used. And because our filters are high capacity, you don’t even have to change them as much as pitcher jug filters, resulting in even less waste!

To reduce your disposable bottle usage, it’s just a matter of habit to start remembering to pack re-usable bottles. There are many great options out there! Every person’s small step together can make a big impact on our world.