December 11, 2019

This time of year it can be so hard to stay healthy. Between parties and the seasonal foods we all love, it’s almost impossible to make it through the holidays without putting on a few extra pounds. To make things a little easier for you this year, we’ve compiled a list of 4 holiday infused water recipes so you can have a healthy drink option without feeling like you’re missing out on the festivities! Gather some holiday spices and fruits, your favourite water pitcher, and filtered water to get this flavor party started!

Apple Cinnamon Pomegranate
This first recipe is from Recipes to Nourish. We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away but did you know that pomegranates are also amazing for your health? They can lower your blood pressure and are even believed to help fight certain types of cancer! Once we have the sweet and sour of the apple and pomegranate, we add a little flair of spice with cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon has a ton of antioxidants and antifungal properties. It’s also great for helping with digestion in case you eat a little too much Christmas dinner!
Cranberry Mint
We got the idea for this infused water from Oh So Delicioso. It’s so simple, yet so delicious and perfect for the holidays! Mint and cranberry are both great for digestion and boosting your immune system— two great things for this time of year when you’re constantly on the go! If that classic cranberry sauce and candy cane have a bit too much sugar for you, try whipping up some cranberry mint infused water instead!  

Vanilla Orange
This genius recipe is from Detoxinsta and we absolutely love it! It’s great for if you’re feeling a little under the weather but need to power on. Vanilla can be used to treat fever and oranges are high in vitamin C which promotes a healthy immune system. So indulge yourself with some sweet and citrusy goodness this holiday season!  

Cinnamon Pear
ArcaMax Chef came up with this one. Honestly, we can’t get enough cinnamon during the holiday season! No spice is more festive and cozy at the same time. However, cinnamon isn’t the only great part of this holiday infused water. According to Healthline, pears can actually help you lose weight! So this time of year when it’s such hard work to keep off those pounds, let this drink do some of the work for you!  

We hope you love these festive recipes as much as we do! Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!