November 16, 2017

Lead in Hong Kong Tap Water

In 2015, Hong Kong faced one of its worst drinking water scandals when high levels of lead were found in the water supply of many public housing estates. The government has worked to fix those incidents but the issue of lead in water inevitably remains.

Even though the amount of lead in tap water may now fall below the WHO safety limits, scientists have agreed that no level of lead in tap water is actually “safe”, for children or adults.

Lead can still get into our water through corrosion in the pipes it passes through to reach our tap, and is especially likely to happen when the water has high acidity or low mineral content. Even our faucet fixtures may have lead solder which can cause lead to leak into our water, particularly when using hot water.

Health Effects

The health effects of lead exposure through water are significant. In children, exposure to lead has been linked to nervous system damage, learning disabilities, hearing problems and anemia. In adults, lead can cause cardiovascular problems, kidney damage and reproductive problems.

It’s also important to note that the same amount of lead which may not affect adults can be extremely dangerous to children.

How to Remove Lead from Tap Water

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