December 14, 2017

Of the top contaminants in our tap water, pesticides & herbicides, which are used to kill instects, rodents, and weed, rank high on the list. These chemicals run off from the plants or ground they are applied to and end up in our water supply.

Most public water filtration systems targets bacteria or other large particles, but do not emphasize filtering out pesticides or herbicides. That is why it is likely that the tap water you are drinking in Hong Kong is contaminated with these dangerous chemicals.

Effects on Human Health

Exposure to pesticides and herbicides through drinking water or showers can have many negative effects. The exact effects may depend on the type of pesticide.

Because the nature of the chemicals are to kill unwanted organisms, overexposure to pesticides & herbicides can be detrimental to human neurological health. Certain pesticides have shown to cause hypersensitivity, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and more. Others can decrease blood pressure, or cause muscle weakness and fatigue.

Some studies have also linked food allergies to exposure to pesticides in drinking water. Skin irritation can also result through showering in pesticide-contaminated water.

As with all contaminants, the effects are greater on children as they are smaller and the same amount of pesticide contamination can have a magnified impact on them. Pregnant women should also avoid contaminated water as it can affect her baby’s development. 

How to Filter out Pesticides and Herbicides from Your Water

The best way to remove pesticides and herbicides from water is through Carbon Block water filtration technology. WaterChef and Aquasana filters use this technology and remove 99% of contaminants from your tap water. Find out more.