February 01, 2017

Many of us are unaware of the hazards in the tap water that comes from our kitchen sinks and bathroom faucets. We think that just because the government regulates water, it is safe for us to drink and use. However, there are many toxins that do not get filtered out and can still make their way into your home.

“Filtering your tap water is the first step to protecting your family from toxins on a daily basis, whether it’s for drinking, showering or cooking,” said Amy Myers, MD, an Austin-based physician specializing in functional medicine. “Government regulations focus on protecting us from the big health risks like waterborne bacterial diseases. The long-term health effects of chronic exposures to trace elements of contaminants in our drinking water are something we all need to take personal responsibility for.”

These are some of the common contaminants found in tap water, all of which are filtered by our water filters:


Corrosion of pipes often lead to lead being in the water.


Municipal water systems are known to add chlorine to control other contaminants. However it can be damaging to your hair and skin.


Used as a secondary disinfectant, chloramine is created from ammonia and chlorine together. It has been shown in laboratory testing to potentially cause cancer. 

Pesticides & Herbicides

These contaminants enter the water system through run off from pesticide & herbicide treated soil. The consumption of these chemicals are untested and could pose serious health threats.


A parasite found in lakes and rivers, cysts enter the water system and are often resistant to water disinfection. 

Petroleum Contaminants

An example of petroleum contaminants is MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) which is used for cars to reduce carbon monoxide. However, the run-off can contaminate public water and be hazardous to our health.

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Source: http://livehealthy.aquasana.com/2014/01/top-ten-worst-contaminants-found-in-tap-water/