March 08, 2017

We’re excited to start sharing some fruit and herb infused water recipes! But first, we want to explain what all the buzz surrounding infused water is about.


What is infused water? 

You can make infused water simply by taking fruits, vegetables or herbs and adding them to an amount of water (a cup, a bottle, a jug, etc.). Then allowing the ingredients to sit for an extended amount of time and permeate into the water.


Why infused water?

Everyone knows that water is essential to a healthy lifestyle – our body needs water, and we often don’t drink enough throughout our busy days. 

Infused water is a great way to get ourselves to drink more water by adding some delicious flavor combinations, and it’s much healthier than juices and sodas.

Not only that, but when fruits or herbs soak in the water, its natural nutrition can permeate into the water that you drink. For example, Vitamins B & C, which are water-soluble, can transfer to the water from the ingredients you use.


Some tips to infuse water

Infusing water is not difficult, but there are some little starter tips to keep in mind.

  • Use filtered water to ensure the water you drink is clean, pure and healthy. For more information on water water filtration system would work best for you, visit
  • Buy organic & wash your ingredients well – we recommend using Soapnut Republic’s Fruit & Veggie Wash to make sure any contaminants on the surface of your fruits & vegetables are cleaned off.
  • Don’t let citrus with peels sit for more than 4 hours or they will get bitter
  • Slice harder fruits & vegetables (like apples & carrots) thinly because they tend to take longer to infuse. Softer fruits & vegetables (strawberries, orange slices, etc.) infuse much more quickly so can be added in large pieces.
  • Crush or tear herbs (mint, basil) and roots (ginger). If you have lots of herby leafs, use a tea infuser to contain them.
  • Infused water can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, just strain out the ingredients after the first day to prevent bacterial growth.


Easy Starter Recipe – Cucumber Strawberry Mint

For one glass of delicious infused water with cucumber, strawberry & mint, follow these proportions:

1 Glass Filtered Water (ice optional)

5 Mint Leaves, tear each in half by hand

2 Strawberries, sliced

3 Slices Cucumber 

Combine all the ingredients in a glass, let sit for 10 minutes or more, and enjoy! Note: if you are making a larger jug of infused water, let sit for at least 30 minutes. 

Stay tuned for more infused water recipes to come!