July 21, 2019

Let’s be honest, we all look for ways to help turn back the clock now and then, but what if the answer was easier than we thought? Read on to find out why staying hydrated can keep you young in more ways than one! 



This is a big one. If there’s anything that can give away our age just a little too fast, it’s our skin. Between age spots and wrinkles, our skin can make us look even older than we are. We’ve tried sunscreens and anti-aging lotions but not a lot of us have tried water. Recent studies have shown that when we are dehydrated our skin is vulnerable to wrinkling. Drinking water helps your skin retain elasticity and have the ability to repair itself. The same is true for age spots. You can reduce the appearance of dark spots by drinking lots of water which will help flush toxins from your body and allow the age spots to fade.



Water is the ultimate lubrication for our joints. This lubrication reduces friction and helps tissues and new cells to grow when necessary. Just as flushing out toxins can help reduce age spots it can also help reduce inflammation in your joints, therefore relieving joint pain. Keep yourself feeling young and active by drinking enough water to take care of your joints!



As you may know, your heart has an increased risk of problems as you age. Its job is to pump quite a bit of blood every day and when you don’t drink enough water, there is more sodium in your blood and less blood circulation which makes your heart have to work much harder to do its job. Based on the results of a study conducted by Loma Linda University, Dr. Synnove Knutsen, LLU Professor of Preventive Medicine said, “Both men and women who drank five or more glasses of water per day had about half the risk of dying of coronary heart disease.” 



Another inconvenient trait of growing older can be an overall loss of energy. Drinking water can help fight fatigue. Studies show that it is a sure way to boost your metabolism and create more oxygen in your blood, which in turn gives you energy. If you feel like your energy levels have decreased with age maybe it’s time to add drinking more water to your daily routine. 

We know drinking more water isn’t always an easy life change. Try carrying a reusable water bottle with you to help create the habit of drinking more water or for another easy way to have high quality, accessible water install a water filter in your home. For more tips on how to easily incorporate more water into your daily life, check out our article 4 Tips to Help Keep Your Resolution to Drink More Water